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Cole Crawford  Ʈ:  http://sols24x7ride.com/


 Hi All,

 My son Cole has embarked on a challenging 7100 km bike ride all in an effort to raise funds that will go directly to education in Cambodia. We all have busy lives, and in some ways we have small circles. I'm so proud of Cole for taking on this physical and mental challenge all while working towards an achievable goal with your help. 


 Please visit Cole's website sols24x7.com to donate, follow and share on your own networks. Cole has been biking for 5 days with many more to come to make it all the way to Miami with $10,000 as his fundraising goal.


 THANKS so much,







I, Cole Crawford will be embarking on a self-funded 7,107km bike trip over 85 days from Vancouver Canada to Miami U.S.A. Living out of my bike saddles  and tenting all in an effort to raise money to assist with the education fees associated with community schools that I personally had a chance to teach at during the summer of 2014 while in Cambodia. I was associated with SOLS24/7, a grassroots organization working to provide subsidized or free non-formal educational programs to underserved communities in Cambodia, East Timor, Malaysia, Laos, India and Thailand.



From June to August in 2014 I spent my summer volunteering with SOLS24/7.  I was situated in a Province school located in Kandal Stoung, Cambodia.  Having had no previous experience teaching or the culture of South East Asia; to say the least it was a life-challenging experience.   I returned home to Canada, and a year later after the recent completion of my Undergraduate degree at Guelph University the memories and photos of my students continue to inspire me to provide support to them in a way I never could when I was with them. I have created this venture as an ideal means for me to raise awareness and funds to help these students in need abroad.



Through my experience and events I was able to see that the Cambodian spirit is so young and very bright.   My gallery will enlighten you first hand that spirit in the students’ smiles and perhaps you are able to gain an insight in their lives.  The students are so happy yet in many cases they live in poverty with little food and clothing.  They truly have a real thirst for learning.  However, the local schools lack basic resources including books, teaching materials, computers and funding.  Additionally, transportation for students to travel to school is arduous without the use of a bicycle; walking is just too difficult due to the distances required to travel.



There are many other ways to improve the learning process in areas such as these around the globe.  We tend to take things for granted in our own home countries and need to realize with a very small donation there can be significant improvements made to the teaching process.  Cambodia is working hard to improve the standard of living for its young people but there remains room for us, that are more fortunate to share and help them grow, as I believe this is one small step we can take in helping them succeed together.


My goal is to raise $10,000 to purchase computers and bicycles for teachers and students throughout Cambodia to meet together to receive the valuable education they so desire. Many students are forced to stop attending school as the monthly fee of only a few dollars is beyond the families’ means.  $300 can provide a year scholarship at the University level, helping students become teachers, to then go out into the province schools and teach.  Some of the students I taught have goals to be professionals including DoctorsTeachers, or work in the tourism industry, they even dream of global travel, endless possibilities… Unfortunately, a majority are headed to the garment factories as that industry makes up more than 80% of Cambodian exports.  There are also many more areas that are prevalent in poorer countries whereby the young are taken advantage of and are required to earn money for their families just to survive.


Why Cambodia? The Cambodian genocide from 1975-1979, a four year war sending 1.7 Million educated individuals to their death completely crippling the society still to this day. However, prior to the war Cambodia was on a path of prosperity, but the unfortunate acts of history had other plans for the Kingdom.




I believe in the future of Cambodia and that in turn means I believe in providing education to the youth.  I would like to make a difference in a community that so desperately requires just a ray of light.  I see the possibility for success just by looking at neighbouring countries including Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia.


Upon completion of my ride, I personally will be traveling to Cambodia, to the community school of Kandal Stoung and others. With the assistance of the SOLS24/7 leaders we will be providing the schools and students most in need with scholarships, computers, books and bicycles; 100% of funds go to SOLS24/7 Cambodia and the students within.


Looking forward to the journey and months ahead!


Thank you for your support and donations.




Cole Crawford